Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it....

** Cagle Cartoons, a syndicate that recently picked up steam after adding Howard Dean as a political columnist, is set to make waves again.  According to inside sources, the syndicate is "in negotiations" to purchase or buyout another "major news syndicate". Cagle then plans to cherry pick some of the mystery syndicate's top columnists and to add to their lineup.    Look for some major shifts in talent in about a month.  In addition to Dean's column, the syndicate also carries columns by Dick Morris and Michael Reagan.

**High-ranking execs at Cagle also revealed they're talking with Gloria Steinem about writing a column.  

**In other news, Mike Lane, a long-time cartoonist with the Baltimore Sun, is rumored to be taking his buyout from the Tribune Co. in a couple of days.   Word is that he'll continue his career as a member of Cagle. 


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